DMS 5, the Billionary business of the stupidity

Addiction to internet, to compulsive shopping, the homosexuality, gluttony, came out from a very interesting as intriguing book called DSM (Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental disorders), which is going for its fifth edition, it was made by the American Association of Psychiatry which postulates this as a classification of mental disorders and provides descriptions of the diagnostic categories so that clinicians and researchers in the health sciences can diagnose, study and exchange of information and treating different types in each mental disorder, this is what specifically says about this book in Wikipedia, but beyond this information, can find very interesting details of it taking a wide range of sources of information, this way I give you a bit of “history” about this book.

A single story and many interested in writing it…

It was in the 1940 census in United States, which was included for first time questions related to diseases and disorders of mental order in the population, such data served to the World Health Organization to include for the first time a specific section in it’s manual CIE 6 in 1951. Then, the Psychiatry Association who had participated only partially in the gathering of information, already planned to bring out a first edition of the issue made exclusively by them, who were specialists in the stuff, but given that WHO is the main organization in the world on health issues, they finally based it’s book in the section of the CIE 6 so this way in 1952 was the first version of the DMS, but it wasn’t so long time until psychiatrists from around the world will begin to raise own thesis about such or which topics, expressing so them disagreement with proposed in first DMS, claiming that such information had not been compiled by true specialists in the branch.

DMS history

That is so than for more than a decade kept as a project at the hands of the United States Association of psychiatrists charged with collecting data based on observation patients from all parts of United States and United Kingdom.

Finally, after more than two years of conferences and debates of criterion, but not of science, in 1968 it came to light the DMS 2 in which increased the list of existing 112 to 182 disorders more than half already were treatable pharmacologically, is it was logical, so due to a hard work it could not be in vain.

At 1980, the new version of the manual had notorious changes in several sections, elimination and sufferings increased, reaching for them to 265 total and a total of 494 pages. It is in this version in where we can already see some vestige of intention in all of this, because while in the version 1 homosexuality was included as a disease by a nearly unanimous vote, in DMS 3, the Congress of psychiatry that defined the final list of disorders included, from which the vast majority were students or disciples of psychiatrist who formed the original drafting of the project poster They agreed and voted completely against nearly unanimously by removing from the list to homosexuality, showing that the book, as well as having no scientific basis was for high susceptible to political pressure given that all this happened during an intense era of manifestations of the gay movement.

In addition, in Congress’s definition of the manual discussed also on drugs that could increase to the list of available treatments, and it was from this point that began to spread massively the use of psychotropic substances and drugs of all kinds in public health issues, and worse still, began to disseminate the use of drugs as Supplement for mood support , for stress, and etc, so this way, turning version 3 of DMS in the most controversial of all to date.

In 1994 was presented the 4th version of this manual, which already were 297 disorders in their almost 900 pages, in this version already there were no major changes in the concept and trends of the manual, disorders increase were at same time of increments of drugs available to their respective treatments, this was so well done , in the case of drugs that it was impossible to continue selling, because of negative evidence already had ready to launch into the market almost simultaneously to new drugs that replace the previous ones, in such a way, that although many were drugs that were pulling out of the market, at the end actually from version to version drugs list was also increasing….

Finally, almost 20 years later, in 2013, was launched so far consists as the latest version, DSM 5, it is not clear the number of disorders included in this latest version, only specifies that new categories of disorders, for example, the autism and Asperger’s disease was merged into a single type of condition that is autism spectrum disorder , on some issues, groups of conditions were created to name a new disorder with symptoms or signs wider

DMS is the cherry in the CAKE of UNHEALTHY and corrupt system of public health


While WHO recommends use of the international system ICD-10 (international classification of diseases), the Psychiatry Association recommends the use of the DSM. As good conspiranoic I have to say that in both cases based on “theories of diseases” is a mistake, because every human being is separate and in addition, is a world apart that should be seen and treated entirely, and this is the first and main error of the medical community, the fact that for example, a Pneumologist believes that to see a patient, if your condition looks as pulmonary it has to be treated only from the point of view of the Pneumology when for example there heart diseases, which can cause respiratory symptoms.

However in the case of the psycho-emotional problems, or psycho emotional (as I call them), the subject is much worse, as in the case of the problems described as disorders in the DMS, these even if you do not create it were included and approved as diseases based solely on the assumption, on the assumption derived from the observation of groups of patients by these “all geniuses” psychiatrists who participated in the project, not existed evidence of trial double blind NO trials controlled RANDOMISED, NO ANYTHING, they did not take into account any approved scientific methodologies in the medicine to be accurate with a near-zero margin of error.
Being so, I can say that the book in which Psychiatry based its work both for diagnosis and for treatment, has actually NO the more minimum SCIENTIFIC support but rather has simple and dubious support from the LIARS that allowed a group of crafty pseudo-doctors believe aaaaaaall an apparatus of business around a health issue; Here explained then.

hundreds of disorders described in the DSM 5 are applied by psychiatrists and psychologists from around the world to study, diagnosis and treatment of so-called diseases or mental disorders of all kinds, and to do so, with the passage of the years, these doctors have a number of ever-increasing drugs, which, given because they have license to practice as doctors, they prescribe them to their patients as medicines, when in reality those are not medicine.

Among all the history of drugs which were marketed during the decades of the existence of this Manual, atypical antipsychotics tested sooner than later, proved to be the most damaging of all, or perhaps should I say, the most obviously (by the short term) damaging of all, because the list of adverse and side effects while taking these grew in a short time , and among the most dangerous effects, we can mention the trend to obesity, alterations in blood pressure, nerve paralysis and others, adding also the highly addictive despite the questionable efficacy of whether actually served to treat some disease in the person who took them.

From the Epamin, passing through the Prozac to harder drugs such as Valium, each and every one of these substances have history of endangerment in their consumption, not only by the level and intensity of side effects but can also cause functional changes in the physical part of who consumes them, then is when the doubts begin , because it is assumed that aaaaaaaall this pseudo medical apparatus was created by a public health issue, so I ask:

What think they are these people to present to the world a book in which they say “this is the list of mental illnesses that you can suffer” (without having truly scientific grounds), and on the other hand say “we are the only ones who can treat these conditions, and worst it off, they only can do with drugs whose side effects are checked far beyond over the alleged health benefits of these

children taking pills

They have not even proved that such or such thing is a health problem, and here is where I already in the topic.

Here is a very few brief but enlightening list of topics that this manual intends to point out as a disease accompanied by what they really are:

anxiety disorder → Social shyness
Depressive disorder major → loss of a loved one
separation anxiety → Nostalgy
Bipolar disorder → have ups and downs. Be undecided
paranoid personality disorder → Suspicion
DTAAH → get distracted easily
Disorder masochistic personality → be exsesivamente dosil and lacking in self-esteem
Antisocial disorder personality → have few friends
This is amazing:
Unspecified personality disorder →?

All of these problems that are not just more common but also for anyone with two drops of common sense, are nothing more than MOODS or circumstantial States arising out of emotions or circumstances within the daily living of human been, which in fact that can be corrected and even overcome with a little guide from people with more life experience than us , but this is so dark and difficult to prove in cases of people who are already being treated medically (pharmacologically) because only sure thing about this is that is proved that they hurt you (since they do not cure anything), therefore, when deciding to treat you in a natural way or choose to receive counseling, then you will already have real biochemical alterations that now you have to heal in adition to improve your initial so-called state of mind

Short-term effects:
Increase in heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature
Disturbed sleep patterns
Strange, erratic, sometimes violent behavior
Hallucinations, hyper excitability, irritability
Convulsions, spasms and death due to high-dose

Long term effects
Irreversible damage to the blood vessels of the heart and the brain, high blood pressure that leads to death, stroke and heart attacks
Kidney, lung and liver damage
Destruction of the tissues of the nose if it is inhaled
Malnutrition, weight loss
Disorientation, apathy, confusing exhaustion
Strong psychological dependence
Brain damage including stroke and possibly epilepsy


In the short term

sore throat
shaking uncontrollably from one part of the body
loss of appetite
weight loss
changes in sexual ability or desire
excessive sweating

Long term:
joint pain
swelling of face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles or lower legs
difficulty breathing or swallowing
fever, sweating, confusion, fast or irregular heartbeat, intense muscle stiffness


Some patients taking paroxetine develop a condition called akathisia, and feel uneasy and that cannot sit or stay still.

Other patients develop called “serotonin syndrome”, and may have some or all of the following symptoms: confusion, restlessness, sweating, shaking, chills, hallucinations (visions or strange sounds), sudden jerking or increase in the heart rate.

In general terms it is depressing to say that the years of the lobotomies to people whose intellect could not understand never finished, it is only that lobotomy processes are now much more sophisticated, using pills which are powered its effect with tons of info that intended to put in our minds through TV , music and cinema, and worst it all, when we go to school, University, etc., in a manner so subtle, teachers they are responsible for making us believe that we should not think, that only we must add, read, and replicate information stored in our minds, for this way to be considered professionals, worthy to reach the best positions in a company.
Hey Dr. Please give me a pill to cure my conspiranoids issue, to see if this way I believe every stupidity which you tells me…

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