Knowledge is a responsibility and a road, but not vanity or a pastime

Already not remember how many times I’ve said to my family or friends that should not fill out so many things on the head if at the end is information will not take advantage. Is indeed a very good hobby to read, to read enlightens you, teaches you, educating you, but it is one thing to read novels, fiction, self-help or self-improvement, but another thing is to read about “politics and not be political or be interested in becoming it”, on “economy and not to be an economist or have not business or home to manage”, on “religion and be an atheist or not to be interested in becoming a religious practitioner” , and etc.

What I mean is basically that different than happens with the themes of self-improvement and self help, there have no real use to read certain issues for example politics simply for pleasure of knowing more, acquire knowledge, when they are subjects with a connotation of social influence , the truth the only thing we get is to satisfy the ego based on acquiring a new topic of conversation and nothing more, and before you thinking that what I say watchful against freedom of knowledge, I will tell you that you that when you purchase information for your personal growth, and then go and apply it in your day by day These helping to a creative process of reality, which began with the intention you had to knowing how solve or overcome something, i.e. deciding to learn about something “For something” are helping this something to be overcome, helping that objective to achieve, but when you read about issues of social connotation, and you learn for example how the world is really handled , and then, based on what you’ve learned, you do only to ‘frighten the others’ talking about the topic, not only that you are not taking advantage of the information, also you breach laws, these contravening rules, because if you don’t spread love in others, then, at least you can’t proliferate fear.

So that is what I mean, therefore, please, let’s be more conscious about we put into our minds, learn what else we can about how to improve ourselves, on how to raise our quality of life, and then, when we experienced then to share it, but when we have understood such things as that in deep, capitalism and socialism ends up causing societies to the same thing (slavery) but in different ways, then unless we have something to propose, BEST is keep silence and NO say nothing.

Finally, he specified that in the last paragraph I tried to express why it is not good to seek knowledge about certain topics if we does not intend to do anything about it, but what I think is simply there are issues that not worth giving them our time

Not only about reading, but in general, do always everything you do, worthwhile, do it for a good purpose, a utility, and if you dedicate your time to find out things of higher order, then I leave you the next puzzle for you to think well what you do:

When someone is elected president of a nation, it is said that power that is given to him implies itself the responsibility to raising the nation, and therefore on that basis we can say that “power is a responsibility,” then how we should interpret when we said thaaaaaaat:

Be careful what you put into your head, because your mind is window to the sky in the temple of your soul, your own self

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