Calcium and magnesium, mineral marriage at the service of mankind

Everywhere you can find information about the importance of calcium in the diet of humans, however, on the one hand are really few sources of information that you reference the correct forms to get and complete your ideal dose of calcium, and More over, there is much disinformation about it, the vast majority of “sources” talk you dose , types of supplements, types of calcium and etc, but very few people talk about how useless is calcium supplementation if don’t get enough vitamin D and above all, enough magnesium to your diet.

As well as on so many other issues you can see how information promoted mostly in conventional or official media aims to simply sell and nothing else, and this takes a worrisome dye when you find out that calcium supplements not just can not be absorbed simply as well, but also not be properly assimilated by the human body, so this tends to accumulate it in dangerous places for the health of the person.
For this reason, because of the tremendous amount of misinformation circulating about the topic, I decided to make this post to give you lights about ingest of these two extremely important minerals for human health.
Most common information you can find about calcium supplementation simply does not mention vitamin D or magnesium, and in the best cases, specified you that is good supplementing with magnesium in proportions that tell you never exceed 34% magnesium / 66% calcium, here’s an example:

Fortunately for us (people who live in the 21st century) scientific studies have been corroborating the issues raised for years by some visionary researchers in health, and in this specific topic has been coming to light important information that help us to understand things as importance of receiving sufficient sunlight to assimilate nutrients is , or the importance of consuming enough raw foods (fruits and vegetables) to have the requirement of daily vitamins and trace elements, and therein much, the point is that although you can supplement to try to get your requirements in these elements, it will never be the same if you receive them from 100% natural sources, and this is even more relevant when it’s about calcium , because this mineral requires several things which simply eat it so the body can assimilate it and process it, on this basis, now you can already imagine why title of the post says “mineral marriage”.

The relationship between calcium and magnesium in the body is very narrow but is also vital, in general terms, after all that I have found information about it, I can tell you that if you do not consume magnesium, then go forgetting idea of that supplement with calcium is going to serve for something good, so as if they do not take enough sunlight while they supplement your body will end up falling in a kind mineral toxaemia caused by lack of vitamin D to be able to metabolize supplements that you are consuming.

In general terms, calcium intake should be balanced in relation to intake of magnesium, and so remembering that magnesium also influences the assimilation of several other minerals.

Between calcium and magnesium, the ideal balance of intake of both minerals will vary according to the requirement of each person, but should never get out of a proportion 40-60%, i.e. If you consume 1000 mg of magnesium will have to consume at least 700 mg of calcium, if you need more calcium to magnesium, then the proportion should be taken as same, but never get out of this proportion because?

Because calcium is a mineral that is essential in terms of nutrition, but is dangerous if it is in not controlled quantities in the blood, and meanwhile, on the other hand, magnesium is the one who controls and regulate calcium metabolism in blood, making keep this where it needs to be and helping to “recycle” the calcium that is out of place , above all in the blood, thus, helping indirectly to calcium to meet its nutritional function without damaging tissues vulnerable to this, as it is a mineral of high molecular density.

Behold, calcium and magnesium are like a mineral marriage, in which each complements the other under any circumstances.
Here is a short list of the best sources of good quality calcium available in
Milligrams per serving:
Sesame seeds 800 mg, Chia seeds 630mg, 250 mg almonds, hazelnuts 210 mg, dried figs 190 mg, raisin grape 100mg, nuts 80 mg, and about supplements, the only one that I can refer is “Tiens calcium” for being the only (that I know) which is bioavailable.
Now, a short list of sources of magnesium of good quality:
Rice bran 300 mg, Trigo 52 mg, banana 58 mg, spinach 157 mg, wheat, oats, Chocolate, beans, vegetables of green leaf, mixed nuts, and fish, mainly Salmon.

This is our wise mother nature, expressing his love for human being.

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