Mineral toxemia

Toxemia is the State of toxicity in the blood of a living being, which can be mild or severe, and that may have multiple causes, among which the most common is the presence of chemicals or heavy minerals, obviously in the latter two cases the person with toxemia’s life is in danger.

The term “Toxemia mineral” refers to a State in which the person is consuming supplements and vitamins that your body is not properly assimilating, this circumstance is present for example when urine tests to measure levels of iron or calcium are made, and these values are high because their blood contains more than these minerals that your kidneys can filter.

Believe that they are simple vitamins and minerals is a mistake, I mean, they are, but has to be properly taken, you would believe that there is no major problem, but the truth is for example excessive iron in blood may cause damage at the level of the circulatory system and therefore the heart.

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