human awakening

Respect the evolutionary process

It was already a long time ago that I ended up bothering of participating or even see how people he discusses religious themes, I lost count the number of times I told my family that not they ask me my opinion about God or religious stuff, because for years, the answer or sequel to that question was always the same , a lot of people who really not understood what they were talking about, but does that only because their creed or ideology has to be defended.

the awaiking

Publicly I dared to say that I understand to everyone, because deep inside the issue of religions, creeds and ideologies are a matter of culture and breeding, there are very few people having families distributed among Protestants and Orthodox creeds, who have been able to rid ourselves of this evil yoke of the creed.
I apologies for all of them in my family, but I can’t just believe as creeds, I see things another way and aimed to know the things I follow, the things which in one way or another (depending on the way you see) I give my faith..

And by other side, I don’t have to convince anyone of what I feel, what I think and what I convince myself, I respect each and every one of the evolutionary processes around my and else more, I take them from time to time because on my road I’ve developed the ability to learn from a baby as an old man and also a tree looking firm horizon or a dog standing in the driveway waiting for his master, and I have to say, that if I don’t have any problem understanding and accepting, making community and participation with lots of people who’s instead CAN’T MAKE SAME WAY WITH ME, OK, this is done, this is the way things are, at the end anyone forced me to an earlier getting up of the planetary bed when even for all was deeper night yet. Being so, with pleasure I assume responsibility to help everyone to awaken lethargic sleep of previous human age.

I am the Magician, In a manner to see things I was just induced to take the lonely way, for walk the Magician Road, to see the world with my new opened eyes, my eyes sees the world through your eyes, but in another way, I am you and you are me.

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